Is Punta Cana a safe travel destination?

Punta Cana is not really a city: it is the name of the area at the eastern tip of the island, where all the international hotels and resorts are located. It has its own airport, and most of the surrounding villages are dedicated to tourism. Because security is a major concern for hotels, the area is generally safe. Hotels and Resorts are very well protected as well as the beach area.

A meeting between presidents (03/22/2019)

The actual Dominican Republic President, Danilo Medina, who met on March 22 with his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump and other Caribbean leaders in Florida, asked at the meeting that the measure be removed. According to the Dominican president, he told the Dominican press that they would review it to agree if possible.

Warning from the U. S. Bureau of Consular Affairs (04/17/2019)

The Bureau of Consular Affairs of the U.S. Department of State once again alerted tourists not to travel to the Dominican Republic because of the high level of violence.

A communication, published last Monday, April 15 in the travel section of the Department, lists the reasons that U.S. to warn travelers. The ones that stand out are “the increase of criminal acts linked to the wide availability of weapons, the use and trade of illicit drugs as well as a weak judicial system”.

He also added that only in the tourist areas of the country there is a specialized security surveillance, and that in the area of Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic, “there is not as much attention.

The Bureau of Consular Affairs  advises tourists traveling to the country to be aware of their surroundings, not to resist an assault and to avoid showing expensive clothing or jewelry.

They are also encouraged to sign up for the STEP “Smart Traveler Enrollment Program” to receive advice and alerts.

Our Opinion (Actual)

Overall risk: Medium

In general, the Dominican Republic is a safe country. It ranks 76 out of 162 in the ranking of the safest and most dangerous countries.

There is a medium risk of pickpockets in the Dominican Republic (DR) on public transportation and in crowds.

Keep an eye on your belongings, and take some simple precautions that may minimize your chances of being a victim of pickpockets.

The Dominican Republic is a moderately safe country with respect to the possibilities of being robbed or kidnapped. Ask the locals for advice on what the zones are. There have been reports of kidnappings against us tourists in these cities Santo Domingo, María Trinidad Sánchez, Santiago, Santo Domingo province and Valverde.

There are some scammers trying to take advantage of tourists, especially in the big cities and around the main attractions in the Dominican Republic. Beware of the rare people around ATMs, groups of teenagers acting strangely or trying to distract you, and people offering help with their luggage.

Public transport should be avoided for single travellers at night, preferring to hire a driver or a taxi.

There may be some occasional natural hazards in the Dominican Republic. Protect yourself against mosquitoes that can infect with Dengue or the Zika Virus.

The Dr. is a very safe country with regard to terrorist threats.

There have been several reports of attacks and embarrassment from women who travel. Do not venture alone into shady neighborhoods of large cities, or isolated villages.


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