Which all-inclusive hotel should I choose?

Punta Cana is famous for being one of the most affordable places in the Caribbean to stay in an all-inclusive hotel. With so many hotels that seem to offer similar services, the task of choosing one is quite complicated.

Here are some clues that can help the traveler choose their Punta Cana vacation accommodation:


Where is the resort? The southeast is famous for its classic Caribbean beaches, with fine white sand and calm turquoise blue waters. Most points of interest are an hour away and require at least two buses. The beaches on the north coast are a tawny sand and their waters are blue-green often a bit agitated. In the north however the activities and points of interest are closer.

The small print

What does “all-inclusive” mean? Are all restaurants included? What about alcoholic beverages? What about motorized water sports? What about excursions? What about tips?

The coast

You have to decide if it is important to be in a resort next to the coast. All resorts have beach clubs, but some transport their customers from inland resorts.

Complex Size

Some resorts are so large that customers must rent golf carts to get around them at a price of $35 a day, which makes the bill go up quickly.

Variety of restaurants

How many buffets are there? And à la carte restaurants? And cafeterias? You have to remember that the client is going to prepare all the meals there, so the greater the variety, the more difficult it will be for the client to get tired of the dishes offered.


When were the rooms last renovated? The more recent the renovation, the better the rooms will be.


Is there a children’s club? Is there a nursery service? Are there lifeguards on the beach and in the swimming pools? If they take care of children and they have fun, the traveler will have more time for their own fun.

Swimming pools

How many swimming pools are there? Are there separate pools for activities, for relaxing and for children? The more pools there are, the more possibilities there are for the traveller to find the one that best suits his needs.


Is premium alcohol included? What about bottled beers? If one of the things that the traveller wants is to have a cocktail lying on the beach it will be necessary to know if you have to pay for it.


Are there night shows or live music? And a discotheque? Some resorts are much quieter than others; the traveller must decide if he wants to go out late or go to bed early.


What do you think about thongs and topless? Whether it bothers you or you’re in favour, try to find out what’s most common in the complex. A good hint: if the complex is frequented by Europeans there will certainly be a lot of topless. If the main customers are American and Canadian will be more covered.


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